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We are trustful company, thoroughly abide by our promise!

Thank you very much for visiting TESTONE Co.,LTD.

TESTONE is specialized in test equipment manufacturing such as U.T.M, Enviroment Chamber and etc.,with the best technician more 20 years career and constant technical developing efforts. We have supply records mainly to universities in Korea and big Korean companies such as Samsung, LG , LS , Hyundai ,TUV Korea , etcs..

Since we starting, TESTONE was able to grow rapidly with high technology and stable quality. Also We provide our partner with the total solution include Order Production,Programming and Software also After Sales Support.Therefore we has known as a company with high customer satisfaction through fast response.

Our company’s credo is “The customer is first”.

Providing better service to customers, we will continue to fulfill our customers' satisfaction by always pursuing our challenge and enthusiasm for research and development.

Thank you.

from, Management